Put on boyfriend's lacoste polos and attract him

Often a white Lacoste polos shirts and skirts sighs, color is too bright became sober style too single and too old , design and comfort of repeatedly cannot take into account, don't worry, changing angles and feelings find ordinary Lacoste polos shirt to wear out the woman, open closet, pulls out her boyfriend Lacoste polos shirt, find a suitable mashup, might give you amazing results. Classic style with denim material, with a strong revival Lacoste polos shirt, straight-design brings out the men's skeleton, so that you are the man. Widening the width of the bottom hem, so that the original design of ordinary men's shirts, become extremely feminine leisure apparel, plus a belt instantly turned into a small coat, a fashion clothes more wear.

Open design v-neck shirts with England boy leisure style, making fashion STYLE, under the ability to match their way to becoming a mainstream wide leg pants, overall show unique charm. This Lacoste polos shirt using two-color's technology, make it the material looks like cowboy shirts, Western cowboy style, breathtaking views let you put on the back with his unruly handsome taste-suit shoulder pads can make women shoulder-widening, made out of sturdy gas field in males, the neckline details unique design makes it pure black suits become interesting and, most importantly, this suit have your waist. Now that resist the temptation of leggings however, then the completed with a tie-dyed denim shirt-like jacket, are representative of the current element, how can we not inhaling must-read denim material with little shirt with soft light material, matching hole to make clothes and turn wool collar locomotive jacket .

Lacoste polo shirt with knitted coat is the absolute power folding this spring by choice, and can be flexibly respond to change weather, also showing the large woman gas field. Gradients of Lacoste polo shirt with light-coloured scarves and locomotive kits, fade out the Cowboys corner, more feminine lines and indifferent.


Maria Luisa shop interior design and exhibition

Turning the tide shop in Paris, most people's preferred is certainly Colette, but don't know the other one more ancient Select Shop — Maria Luisa. This was founded in 1988, is to the shopkeeper who Maria Luisa Poumaillou name. This bit is not professionally fashion training women, under which the intrinsic value of the unique taste and sharp eye to tap the is famous for its high quality brand. And Colette minority lifestyle leader's positioning, Maria Luisa only to high fashion, in her home shops, you could not find High street logo, or a cheap brand + high card designer's Crossover single commodities, so go to the Select Shop reason is simple: you want collection fashion boutique. Another point and Colette, Maria Luisa opened 2 Department stores, one of the sales lady, accessories and shoes series, another sales men, have become more specialized, and also to enter advanced general merchandise, setting up shop in shop.

Maria Luisa shop interior design and exhibition

Maria Luisa shop's internal design and display, a French woman in the general body of temperament, black and white of simple elegance, no fun-filled furnishings and ideas, not the fashion-independent of other artistic work, let go shop customers, focus only in the fashion above, the overall style not only throughout the Maria Luisa's own shop in her old department store opened in Paris Printemps in shop in shop. Maria Luisa shops in sales of more than 50 brand to the United Kingdom, France, Belgium designer works, including Alexander McQueen, Jonathan Saunders, Christopher Kane, Ann Demeulemeester, Martin Margiela, Bruno Pieters, Azzedine Alaïa, Nina Ricci, Martine Sitbon.
Maria Luisa under its own brand "wool jacket lapel," design and trim are great, and the price is still very affordable, the 5% discount, only EUR 182.

women's dress shop, designer brand of ladies series and accessories

On the second floor of the women's dress shop

The second floor of the topic is definitely fashion, while a woman is the master. This layer presents a weekly regular replacement of the goods, the vast majority are personalized designer brand of ladies series and accessories, the course also includes a small part of the buyers were carefully selected men's single commodities, including Tom Ford, Michael Bastian, Kris Van Assche and Lanvin.

Maison Martin Margiela opened shop in shop

As a sub-culture of advocate and evangelist, Colette in second tier dedicated the area for a stem chaopai shop in shop offering temporary period sales exclusive limited edition items, while shopfront design will meet the current theme, make an interesting layout. In 2009, there have been Cacharel, Rodarte, Uniqlo, Maison Martin Margiela, Comme des Garcons and other collaborators. In particular the Maison Martin Margiela's cooperation is the most special, shows brand since 1999 creation of 13 home decoration series, and in particular a series of pure white theme of supplies, including glass lamp, Quill Pen, cotton calendar, a crystal ball, the Russian doll display more of the window as a whole to 20 years to build the conceptual foundation.

The second floor extending for a sandwich, Colette's artwork, photography, now shows the American photographer Jim Krantz's portrait and landscape photography.
Finally, if you went to Colette, make sure it's "water", this is located in the basement of accumulation, stainless steel counters, deep muse floor, blue steel chairs, 1960s-style wallpapers, there are a group of French guy, do you have any reason not to enjoy drinking a cup of this?

With Burberry every emerging social network popularity artoftrench fiery and 2010 and summer T single Burberry Prorsum series of folds, Burberry and Colette do limited cooperation.


the Fund of the deposits and consignments

On its side, the region wants to Act provided on the offer on energy demand. "We are the only region to have an agreement with the Fund of the deposits and consignments: we bonifions loans to construct buildings at low power and high energy performance buildings", explains Jean-Luc Fulachier, who recalls that it is in Poitou-Charentes first Kyoto, "100% clean energy," high school opened its doors in September 2009. It took 32 million euros, "its heat consumption are divided by that of electricity by 12 and 13," explains the region. "It took 20 to 30% more expensive than other school!". ", replied Dominique Bussereau, which concludes:"I do put in question his will and his commitment to ecology, but with such communication could be expected to unreliable results." When there is a poor, better student applies does not claim to have the best book! "Total, the objective of the Poitou-Charentes region is the development of renewable energy allows it reaching 30% of the energy of its inhabitants by 2020, while the national goal is 23% by 2020. If Ségolène Royal (yet) did miracles at the head of its region, with all the initiatives and the financial means implemented, Poitou-Charentes should catch, until, perhaps, to exceed the other regions. This is ultimately only the problem hurts: constantly saying that "policy, is saying what you do and do what we say", Ségolène Royal gives weapons to his opponents to remind the environmental she speaks too much before.

champion of Europe of the photovoltaic

Ségolène Royal washes more green! "A few days the regional elections, exasperation that arouses Ségolène Royal among ecologists do not falters. European ecology may even impose a triangle in the second round of regional, if the outgoing Chair, to which the region is promised, does not change its "hyperprésidentialiste" way to govern. It must be said that President Poitou-Charentes excels in the art of shake the green cloth. Ecologists him want, pêle-mêle, to have "returned" some of their elected officials ("she has recovered the worst", they get excited), boast to have a "greener than green" balance what they summarize by anglicism "green wash" and, also, to have claimed a few months ago that it would be the best candidate ecologist in 2012. "It's just grotesque!", had then reacted Greens. Six years after having conquered the Poitou-Charentes Regional Council, Ségolène Royal spent EUR 871 million for "environmental excellence" its neighbours. A considerable budget. So far, "the Poitou-Charentes region is first nowhere, except in com!", ironise Jean-Marc Brûlé, Coordinator of the green for the regional elections. "All that is much blah - blah, many effects of ad, surenchérit the Secretary of transportation, Dominique Bussereau, his great rival in the region." The least that can be said is that the green revolution is not running in Poitou-Charentes. "She responds to criticism of his opponent, who reproached him"a deplorable, balance be good or effective":"We must judge acts." I am the concrete. I am in action. "Indeed, the measures announced by the region environmental give the tournis. But, precisely what exactly?

Ségolène Royal had stated that his region is champion of Europe of the photovoltaic. "When she says that we are the first region in Europe in photovoltaic, it is a communications error, note Marie Legrand, Vice-President (Greens) the Poitou-Charentes region. If she speaks in terms of installed capacity, it is clear that it is false. If it mentions level obtained funds from the European Investment Bank, then, Yes, maybe.


tend to be rounded at the belly or instead of legs

Well Yes, we are not all do the same. And when excess kilos invite to the party, these morphological trends will accentuate. Because it is rare that they fall smoothly from head to toe!
And aggravate the phenomenon, a simple scheme does not get good results to lose weight you most need. Indeed, a lambda food program unfortunately cannot fulfil this delicate mission. Only targeted dietary advice accompanied by regular physical activity can claim a satisfactory result.

Therefore, discover the reasons why you tend to be rounded at the belly or instead of legs. This thanks to the physician nutritionist * Raphaël Blairvacq who also offers you a food program suits your needs. Finally, since the sport remains the sine qua none to find a harmonious silhouette, follow the proposed exercises.

correct your water retention

To correct your water retention that only that accentuate your cellulite, reduce consumption of salt. You should also choose draineurs foods such as facilitating the Elimination of the œdèmes protein. Eat in every meal and even the morning. Also, be aware that most of vegetables exert an effect drainage. You leek, onion, asparagus, celery, bette, cabbage, fennel, cucumber, red pepper, endive and artichoke.

Type your day
For breakfast: prepare you a nature yoghurt with a spoons. at soup of unsweetened muesli and a fruit season cut into song. In the case of big hunger, choose an egg hard or shell.
10 H (if you are hungry): 1 fresh fruit.
Breakfast: 1 base of vegetables cooked or raw seasoned vinaigrette House
-100 to 150 g of white or red (but little fat) meat or fish or egg.
1 slice of bread full or full
At the lunch (mandatory): 1 fresh fruit or 1 yoghurt with 1 spoons. In s. muesli unsweetened
150 g of lean meat or fish
1 Bowl comprising 2 vegetables cooked in water or steam with a mesh of olive oil or a hazelnut butter.


wearing a dress Louis Vuitton

Natalia Vodianova was wearing a dress Louis Vuitton to Love Ball, which took place on 23 February in London. A unique creation signed Marc Jacobs and inspired collection autumn-winter 2010-2011 of Louis Vuitton. Drapée red dress of heart-shaped, stack in the theme of the evening organized by the Russian top to support its just The Naked Heart Foundation, association helps children with cancer. Natalia accessoirise its holding a pair of Red satin and Black Lace escarpins Louis Vuitton, collection autumn-winter 2010-2011. It relates to the neck a De Beers regalia white gold and diamonds. The dummy has also created a piece of unique jewellery for De Beers: the Magic Moment, collar sold in favour of the association.

See all pictures in the Love Ball

parts lighthouses in the new collection

After creating the event on 23 February retransmitting his fall-winter 2010-2011 parade live and 3D, Burberry Prorsum now offers its clients acquire parts lighthouses in the new collection, selected by Christopher Bailey, exclusively on its online store.

Just finished parade, Aviator in skin returned, coats officer jackets marine blue or fur were already at your fingertips. However, it should be a little more patient before wear, since delivery of the clothing and accessories ordered on   time is one month. The ideal opportunity to be ahead of the trends of the next winter.


Wilhelmina on Ugly Betty

Michael Urie, we know and love as Wilhelmina on Ugly Betty, takes a different sartorially characters in the Temperamentals editrix mode Wizard. In the game off Broadway, opened in New York, new world stages plays Urie "militant mode" Rudi gern Reich, founder of the Mattachine Society and a designer influence may be best known for his invention of the Monokini. I Urie a cat behind the curtain on the preparation for the role that visited relative benefits of television theatre and effects on your own style of Ugly Betty. Click here to see the interview! (And click here to buy tickets for the Temperamentals).

Gaudion Bowerbank British concept Gallery is a showcase for the sous exposés, new talent in the world of modern jewellery design. Site highlights a rotary pool of designers is incredibly innovative; and provide a video log of coulisses for each designer method how your process of design and crafts behind their work event chronicle tables. Pieces is available for purchase online. If you find really individual parts no one will take but certainly ignited a conversation, Gaudion Bowerbank is a must.


Lacoste already arranged all for you

Is Christmas day coming soon, but stereotyped non-red namely white atmosphere, whether to let your heart live is weary? Do not worry that Lacoste already arranged all for you, promotes the Holiday series “the gold alligator”, opened the prologue for this year's golden color Christmas. most can not be on behalf of the Lacoste symbol non-lively vivid alligator, but Lacoste also specially exchanges the brand-new vacation actor for this alligator, embroiders the alligator using the golden color silk thread to symbolize, moreover only appears in 12.12 Polo unlined upper garments (men's clothing for black, heavy blue, female attire for pink) and on two model of shoes.

Besides the Polo unlined upper garment, Lacoste also designed two sections to embroider the gold alligator's shoe. The named Vapour male shoes make by the coffee color or the black Nubuck leather, match the Polo unlined upper garment to limit the quantity the sales together, even links the outside wrapping box surface also to be printed with the gold alligator's relief to symbolize, has the Christmas breath.   

Limits the quantity the golden color alligator's Holiday series, only in December's several days, carries on the sales in the Lacoste shop, as soon as rare sees the special design edition, wants to collect human, movement please early.

In this spirit is the founder of the family, inheritance to be their unified ideas. Michel card does not have any title, but he is the third term CEO Lacoste. His core business is the inheritance instead of change ". The new two months, peppered, Michel never "get rid" of his father and brother.

Michel · Lacoste (Michel Lacoste) card does not have any title, but he is the third term CEO Lacoste. The first is his father in Ho · Lacoste (Rene Lacoste Lacoste), founder of; the former is his brother Bernard. The new two months, peppered, Michel never "get rid" of his father and brother.


Ms. LACOSTE Love of pink flesh

Christophe Lemaire since the lifting of mentioned the famous actress Diane Keaton, Princess Leia, famous lighting designer James Turrell ... of course, there is also the founder of René Lacoste Lacoste. But in fact he brought Lacoste autumn series and not too many of these would make him proud of templates. This field has a hierarchical design of series, use a white, blue and yellow which can make the person feel quiet color, overall seems more appropriate window sales, and not much leading meaning. Although those who bow tie and strap, and the application of a stripe pattern made a previous King of vu, but you cannot deny that these clothes are really for real. Lemaire's success lies in his grasp on the comfort of a successful, he will be people from a lazy weekend morning, in the present era of this turmoil, there is no doubt that this is very impressive.
Experiences Ms. LACOSTE Love of pink flesh color softhearted the pale perfume.in October, 2009 goes on the market Ms. LACOSTE Love of Pink flesh color softhearted pale perfume, is sisters product which Touch of Pink flies upwards flesh color, is touching all flesh color fan's heart. LACOSTE Love of the Pink flesh color tender feeling aims at the perfume which hope love and the romantic young women design, catches when perfectly the woman love the mind touches happy time. This section of perfume union causes the person interest rich element, in gentle flower fragrance well distributed sexy lignin musk main key, causes the perfume to present warm, romantic, the vigor and the graceful feminine special characteristic. LACOSTE Love of the Pink flesh color tender feeling is section of delighted enchanting perfume - - lets the girl feel love the atmosphere, simultaneously is also the valentine day best gift, even takes the praise which loves really.